Do you journal, write or blog?

5 day writing challenge

Do you journal, write or blog?

“How To” That Works

From Maureen Beaucond’s Quarterly
5 Day Writer & Blogger Workshop



Here is an excerpt from Maureen Beaucond’s 5 Day How To Write and Blog Workshop.

  1. WRITERS write and BLOGGERS write. BOTH ARE WRITERS. Both outline their plan, do research, have their notes handy and block out the world. Bloggers are writers with specific focus on key words and tags, images and SEO (optimization) PRIOR to writing.
  2. Writers DON’T edit as they go, consider image placement or wonder off topic.
  3. Writers edit, link, embed AFTER the first draft is COMPLETE.
  4. NEVER leave a brainstorm of thought without recording it. If you don’t write it down or talk it into your phone your fabulous idea usually disappears FOREVER!
  5. Dictate to phone, write down or jot into Scrivener every thought of content as it flows freely from your mind. Focus ONLY on IDEAS in creating your first draft. Finish it off later.
  6. SCHEDULE timed writing sessions. Find a secluded place and DO IT!

The question is “Do you blog or write only? “ Writing without blogging is a one-off creation, maybe journaling, copywriting or writing press releases for a client or your job. Blogging is dependent on many more pieces to make content ready to publish or post.  As a blogger, I find THE hardest part of writing is plopping myself in front of the computer to assemble a finished piece to publish. Maybe discipline is my issue?  My biggest DISTRACTION is getting lost in all the other MUST-DO, FUN-DO and interesting stuff that goes with blogging. That’s why I developed a simple system to save time, get it all done and automate repetitive tasks.

Here are 3 SMALL changes to GUARANTEE your writing is inviting the right people to read:

  1. Increase the block of time when you write and write more. Do this and the quality of what you write will grow to AWESOME.
  2. Self-host/publish your writing, blog, journal or company website using the WordPress platform.
  3. Automate with FREE and AFFORDABLE tools available for WordPress.

It’s incredibly simple when taken step-by-step. I can help you with this.
It’s what I do.  Get information about my FREE Writer and Blogger Workshop.


Whether you journal, write for a group newsletter or scrapbooking, share your travels or hobby,
or vent your frustrations and passions in life…  Make it GREAT!

xoxo from Maureen
p.s. I am not compensated by Scrivener.
It’s a great writing program. I purchased it and love it!