You Deserve an AWESOME Retirement

write about your hobbyYou’re ready for an AWESOME retirement!
Maybe you have already popped onto the
retired side of life! But…..

Is it exactly as you expected?

Have the BIG potholes popped out yet?
Remember, retirement is what you make it!

The third 30 years of your life should be a breeze.  Maybe you’ve saved and have a retirement income from your job. Maybe you have reached the magic age of 65 but still want more to life. 

Retiring seems like a simple choice
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When my Grandad retired from the steel mill in my home town in Pueblo, Colorado he knew he would be getting the traditional “gold” watch, have a celebration cake in the Wire Mill where he was a supervisor, and he would get a monthly check from the mill to supplement his Social Security. Beyond that, all he had to do was walk through the door one last time and he was in retirement.

Grandad had a big garden, he bought special grapes from the local produce supplier every year and made a few casks of red wine in the cellar of their home. The rabbit hutches were vacant, he hadn’t had rabbits in the years since I was born.  The flock of red chickens provided eggs and meat.  Grandad napped and was active in his church. He sat at the kitchen sideboard and carefully scraped pig casings with a small paring knife to fill with the sausage blend he mixed, filled the casings then smoked the kielbasa for days in his smoke shed by the big empty garage. Grandad made the best kielbasa! That was it.

That was his retirement. No Awesome Planning to Start a Business Needed.

Home maintenance was easy.  The running water was to the kitchen only.  Although they had a bathroom with sink, tub and toilet, those fixtures were never plumbed.  So the walk to the two hole outhouse near the alley and chicken coup was a normal part of life and never considered an inconvenience.

I spent many, many happy hours with my grandparents playing in the big room in the middle of the house where the freestanding wood heater stood with two big wooden rocking chairs on either side.  The living room was for company or extra dining tables at holiday time.

Now fast forward to today.  start your business now

Life has become complicated with choices of when to retire, what retirement means to your lifestyle and how long it will last – all having significant impact on the quality of the third 30 years (or more) of your lifespan

To help you along the path of retirement and to ensure that you CAN choose to have a well-deserved retirement of YOUR choice, I have created an Action Plan and Worksheets for you to rate your retirement preparedness and longevity.

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Here’s the link! In this Action Planner you’ll find what (in my opinion) are the 15 most unaddressed  preparations or situations that most of us WILL encounter at some point in retirement. 

If you are in preparation mode or if you are already in retirement, I know my Retirement Action Planner and my LIVE videos that follow will help you sort out and prepare for any shortfalls or surprises. I know! I have been there!  I have had the surprises, the catastrophes, the “Poof Life Will Never Be the Same” experiences.

There have been many trending ads online luring retireds to a business that they cannot control after making an investment of time and money.  This is not good.  Be sure to check out my blog, 4 Ways to Recognize Big Retirement Scams.

It is my passion to make your retirement fully prepared for surprises and filled with joy!  So, here we go… this is where we start.

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