Three reasons why Thanksgiving is wrong!

Most people have Thanksgiving all wrong!
And this applies to Valentines Day too!

What about your Thanksgiving?
Do you even care it fits into your life?

See if these 3 wrongs of Thanksgiving fit your holiday!

1. The focus is over eating, too much fat and way too much work.  For what? You have to find a place for all those leftovers in the fridge.
2. The media and greedy merchants in big box stores have stolen the nostalgia of that special day and created an annual holiday “spend money frenzy.”
3. So many people never give a thought to why having a thankful heart and love for others is the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving is the most important Thanksgiving I have ever had. Last year was a HUGE wake up call to remind me just how fragile life can be. Last Thanksgiving taught me to be so thankful every day for the tiny blessings in my life and for every minor and major miracle that pops up in my life.thanksgiving-quote-1

Miracles aren’t easy to recognize in today’s lifestyle. I like to think they are something that just happen, no specific prayer or request – just something I don’t even see or think about till it hits me between the eyes!

A minor miracle can be a person who comes into my life at an obtuse angle and fills a void. Maybe a stranger I can learn from, maybe someone I will build a trust with overtime. Maybe someone who only pops into my life when trust and friendship are sorely needed.

It is a full year since my world turned upside down in the flash of an instant and life would never be the same.

It was the morning after our Thanksgiving dinner with my husband Bob’s sister and her husband at our home. Bob had let the dogs out and followed them into the backyard to have his first cigarette of the day, his morning ritual at the time. My first clue that our world had turned upside down was when Bob came in and told me he couldn’t breathe. Being a bit of a joker, my reply to him was “Should I call 911?” He assured me he couldn’t breathe.

The gravity of the situation set in with the Emergency Room doctors’ evaluations. Not only had Bob had a heart attack, but his lungs and heart were filled with fluid, he had pneumonia and the outlook was very uncertain.  This was also the point where Bob knew if he survived this ordeal he would never touch another cigarette!

Urgent surgical intervention was critical but that was not an option until the fluids and pneumonia were fixed.  

Bob Beaucond with Nikki of the American Heart Association at 2016 Heart Walk Fort Worth

Bob Beaucond with Nikki of the American Heart Association at 2016 Heart Walk Fort Worth

This began our three-week hospital stay-cation, if you can call it that! To get Bob to the point of bypass surgery it was necessary to have at least one decent supply of blood flowing. Without that he would not have survived the heart surgery. On December 4th Bob’s heart surgeon did the first surgery to clean out his left carotid artery to reduce the bypass surgery risk. This provided adequate blood flow so the bypass surgery was set for December 8th.
Sometimes we need a huge kick in the butt to teach the true meaning of being thankful. The post Thanksgiving blur we were experiencing just got bigger. I knew that without placing trust in my Heavenly Father I was not going to maintain the strength and clearness of mind to make decisions and be the support my husband needed.  I learned that this trust enabled me to maintain control of the situation and feel the comfort of knowing God had us in His hands.

Life is a series of changes that spill over at holiday time, with or without a family health crisis.  Who is Thanksgiving for anyway?

When the family is young you make it special for the kids, help them feel the spirit of being thankful for so much and bonding with other family from near and far.

Making a memorable event for older folks and being thankful for all they have done for family and extended family is the other reason Thanksgiving day is special.  Along the years, some must make life changes knowing that life will never be the same, whether by death, surprise or choice.  What is unexplained is the way some people throw these folks who have experienced change under the bus.  Even though holidays will never be the same, no big family get togethers, no sharing of what used to be traditions…  Those under the bus must still remain thankful and do for others who can’t do for themselves.  That’s the spirit of the holidays, right?

Never judge! You haven’t walked in the other person shoes.  So many of us have preserved the integrity of others in the eyes of family.  Maybe the kind thing would have been to show behind the scene happenings. Then let them judge if they must!

Back to Thanksgiving…  Traditions are important regardless of what you consider family.   The important part of this or any holiday is to make it
yours.  Uniquely yours!   

Bob and I celebrate our Thanksgiving on the Saturday just before Thanksgiving.  And we love it!  It’s our special time to be thankful all week for the blessings we have.  And we have leftovers to munch on all week!

Now for the rest of how last Thanksgiving changed our lives forever.  We are recovering, adjusting and moving forward. It is said it takes a full year to recover from really major trauma or major surgeries. That is so very right. It has been a long year.  Bob has made fantastic progress in recovering from his carotids and bypass surgeries. He still has a way to go with increasing energy and stamina.  His diabetes is getting under control, finally!  Thankfully, we are doing great!  Mentally we are better than you can ever imagine because we know God answers our prayers and is always with each of us.  And, we don’t stress out over holidays as we celebrate in our own way.

We had to see our big Black Lab Donato go to his final reward on October 31, just a few weeks ago.  Our remaining Black Lab missed his lifelong companiondonato-oct2005-4-jpg-for-site-final so much!  A week ago we searched the shelters and found a wonderful new friend for Buddy.  He is a young Black and Tan Coon Hound and is a perfect fit for our family!  We adopted him as Duke but have changed his name to Apollo, Pollo for short.   We are so very thankful for Pollo this Thanksgiving.

No one should be denied having some happiness in their life, whether two legged humans or four legged pups. If only more people understood this!

I do know that we are involved in community service, we don’t see color, we don’t judge other people including the ones who judge us, and we are happy in our relationship with God and Jesus. This is a whole lot to be thankful for this holiday season!

Does anything else matter? You be the judge.