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Small Business Listings.

Stand Out So Locals Choose You.

Locals are eager to rely on businesses they get to know as a friend, where they build relationships and loyalty bonds.

So, shouldn’t you be taking advantage of getting a social media boost while you engage with new people? While you deepen relationships with new and existing customers and become known as a key part of your community?

When local small businesses grow it’s not just a convenience for customers.  It’s about the health of our local economy, available jobs, safe housing and quality of life.  As a small business you are a major player in the shaping of our local economy.

Small businesses are owned by local neighbors and become the lifeblod of our community. Loyal customers are those who know the business owners and staff where they shop and conduct business.

Along with helping business owners like you conquer any business challenges or needs, I help people start small businesses without risking a ton of cash or having to sell the barn and kids to become an entrepreneur.   Yes, that’s what I do and what I have done for more years than I care to admit.  I guess my age is showing anyway…  I have done this for over 20 years, mostly one on one and in a weekly power hour format for about 8 years.

For the next week I have some exciting specials for you to hop on to boost your business exposure and get the word out about exactly what you do.  

And, if you sign on before April 28 you get my early bird special of some really awesome extras worth more than the price of your ad page!

You receive a 5 point review of:

  1. your online presence (website or blog site)
  2. your social media marketing (if you are using it)
  3. review of your basic marketing plan
  4. free job posts on our truly local area Job Board for one month

Hop on to my list and I will send you the sign-up sheet to make sure your business gets the early bird specials listed above.

xoxo from Maureen