First in-flight video from plane’s tail

Visit this post page to watch the first in flight video

Did you see this beauty moving down the freeway?

Not the usual Fort Worth “Panther.”

It is a huge accomplishment to build an aerobatic plane over two years, but WOW!  It’s even more exciting to actually fly it for the first time!  There’s a lifelong story behind my son’s adventures and his super HUGE milestone!

I am very proud of both of my children but today I am focused on my son and his Panther.

He (Sean Sullivan) built this beautiful Panther from scratch like the many air worthy model aircraft he built as a kid. The Panther is designed as a versatile, mid-sized, single seat low wing Sport or LSA aerobatic airplane with quick fold wings. (It does have wings… the wings were attached after the plane was off loaded from the trailer! See photo with wings below.)

Sean’s love of flying was something he must have been born with.  My mother had it too and became a civilian pilot in the 1940s.

Just how early do you think ideas are placed in a person’s head for what they want to do for their life’s work, for what they really want to do? It’s interesting to me that a lot of the dreams and ideas kids have pop up in adult life as something a person absolutely loved and wished they had pursued.

As a toddler and kid Sean was always a builder constantly creating stuff with Legos and Vermont Wooden Toys blocks. As a teen, he up scaled to building a huge wooden well-used skate board half-pipe on our driveway.  Sean graduated from UTA with a degree in Real Estate and Finance.  His adult adventures began with renovating old homes to just-like-new, he became a real estate broker and has spent many years building custom homes, doing exciting home renovations and making the occasional super unique project a reality. In 2016 he built a 22,000 square foot air park home at Bourland Field. That’s it on the cover of Hood County News. You can follow the entire build on Sean’s Facebook page.

Want to meet Sean?  Have a construction or renovation project?  

Sean’s business is S. Sullivan Construction serving Fort Worth and the surrounding area.

Sean can be reached at 817.992.7911, on Facebook and Linked In.