digital ownership Who is stealing your website and photos? 

Do you really own your content and your designs?
Do you have control of your email list?

Protect your blog, your website, your domain name, your content and your graphics!

Don’t be a victim of FREE hosting that seems like a really cool deal. Being a digital “sharecropper” means you are at the mercy and decision making choices of someone else or a big company that can make sweeping changes in an instant. Whether it is social media as Facebook or any other big “free service” provider, you have NO say in the rules they may impose on your website, blog or other online content – you can’t just pick up your content, traffic, contacts or anything else that is legally considered their property and move it somewhere else. 

You are likely relying on that big service provider to generate a lot of the traffic you are enjoying and valuable contact information that is stored in their hands. This means the big, popular service you are using has full control over you and the business you are digitally growing from their website or social media. How do you fix this without hiring an expensive webmaster or learning complicated and expensive html software?

That is where i can help you!  Whether you are currently using WordPress or just about to get started, I have the solution. And, I am not selling anything, just telling you how I fixed the risk.

Self host your website and/or WordPress blog with a reputable company – NOT a free hosting company.  Use the search engine friendly WordPress software that runs on self hosted servers and you have full control.  I have been self hosting with AIT (Advanced Internet Technologies in Fayetteville, North Carolina just outside Fort Bragg) since 1998.  I spent a lot of time researching Clarence Briggs who runs the company, the security they have in place, up time reliability, fast speed hosting, support, and the control I would have over my own content and domain name.

AIT passed with flying colors.  And, no I am not compensated for referring you to AIT. I have been a reseller of domain names and hosting with them since the days when I built traditional websites, but I only do my own thing on my server now.  I don’t want to be in the “support” business so I only tell people about AIT.  I have many domain names for my own websites and all are on my own server for a single monthly price.  And, each website comes with its own WordPress installation, another BIG plus! AIT also has small hosting plans for absolute beginners that are super affordable.

DIY WordPress self hosting is easy, too! YouTube tutorials make it simple and user friendly – you have 100% CONTROL and retain ownership of all your intellectual property.

So, if this tickles your fancy, think about self hosting companies and check them out!
xoxo M 1