Find More Time – Use It To Start a Hobby, Earn Good Money From Home or Just Chill Out

MINDSET CHANGE brings EXCITING NEW opportunities!

find more time, start a hobby, earn extra income, work from home

Maureen Beaucond
You are not here by accident! West Fort Worth Chatter is NEW, exciting and valuable for both you and building your future…You CAN Find More Time – Use It To Start a Hobby, Earn Good Money From Home or Just Chill Out

Jump in, look around, read our weekly blogs, get to know the guests who share their expertise, experiences and help to make our lives easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.

After 15 years I lovingly said goodbye to my online community, www.OurFortWorth.  I have made changes to bring EXCITING and NEW enrichment to my readers from North Texas and thousands of miles away.  The focus always has been local – about and for you.

Chatter blog posts are full of business and lifestyle how-to that really work!  Chatter is the best hangout for entrepreneurs, locals looking for something unique and humans who love their dogs. Best of all, Chatter has monthly freebies of all kinds for subscribers, whether they want to enrich their lifestyles or start a business from home.

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I share what really works and what doesn’t work!  I give you a fast track to change – knowledge I gained over years of trial and error, working on my own mindest shift, hard work and rebounding from the occasional project that didn’t fly – actually crashed!


  1. Shift your mindset and you change your life
  2. Get 8 hours more time each week to make change happen (that’s about 30 hours every month!)
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