Hi! I’m Maureen Beaucond

maureen_oval2I have enjoyed every minute of bringing my Fort Worth web community www.OurFortWorth.com to you and other readers, both local and afar over the last 15+ years. Our Fort Worth has drawn so many different people from all over the USA even though the focus has been local – about and for you.

TImes have changed, lifestyles changed and so have each of our interests and priorities. The way you and I engage with our favorite places and online hangouts has changed. So, the time had come to lovingly say goodbye to Our Fort Worth. Change makes way for EXCITING and NEW opportunities!

I want to introduce you to something exciting and valuable for both you and your new business, if you have one…  and invite you to become a regular here at www.westFWchatter.com.  Chatter is the nickname I lovingly use for West Fort Worth Chatter.

Chatter is fun, exciting and full of business and lifestyle how-to that really work and simplify life to make time for growing your business!  On top of being the best hangout for entrepreneurs and anyone thinking of starting a business www.West FWchatter.com provides really special bonuses and opportunities for our tribe of followers.

You’ll get access to my years of “how-to” business experience both locally and online.  I will be introducing you to my husband Bob and other experts who are eager to share business and lifestyle tips with you.

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money with a side business, I’ll show you step by step how to get started without selling the farm and kids! And you can grow your income to full time if you want. Joining is easy and you will get first notice to receive valuable free stuff to simplify the business of business, simplify life and get rid of nagging stress!

If you really want a business, I help you identify a specific niche to make sure your new adventure in business is simple, efficient and profitable.  And, I work with you and provide the best tools and resources to make sure your business really works – as long as you do!

The FREE challenges I offer will reduce your learning curve and timeline to becoming recognized as an expert in your special niche.

Whether you are itching to make a few hundred dollars part time or an income to support your family and ditch your day job, you can do it!  

So, sign on today to get my news and monthly freebies as well as schedules for upcoming Workshops and Courses.  Don’t miss out!

I share what really works and what doesn’t work!  You get to take advantage of my years of trial and error, hard work and rebounding from the occasional project that didn’t fly – actually crashed!

My Mindset, Time and Money Mastermind Group meets online and for locals I have a periodic Coffee Hour. My private FaceBook group is a great way to feel the love, learn and stay on track!

Whether you grow your new business working directly with me after joining my pack or tweak and implement your business on your own, you have a head start to growing a business you enjoy and love.

Hop on my list and get started!