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 start a business and work from home

A Business Starts with
One BIG Exciting Idea!

Save Time, Money and Mistakes

NEW thinking sure beats OLD thinking
I can help you with that. It’s what I do!

Starting a business is a huge step in your life! Make sure you do it right.

niche is better than location

Your most important first step is to decide “just what is my business?”
I can help you identify and design your business model.

  1. What am I passionate about?Your most important first step is to decide just what is my business?  
  2. What am I good at, what do I enjoy, what do I know?
  3. Who is my niche? Who will be my customers, what problem will I solve for them, what problem solutions will I proved?
  4. What am I willing to change to make time to build my business?
  5. How will I find the time to do all this?

Identifying your specific niche or micro-niche is critical to your success!

Your niche is people not a topic. Your most important first step is to decide “just what is my business?”
Topics don’t buy from you but people do. If you don’t know who your niche is yet, think about what you like. Think about the things that you enjoy and that are important to you.  Remember the people in your niche are going to be a large part of your business life and it really is critical that you enjoy these people. You don’t want to hang with people who are not stimulating and a complement to your life.

It’s so important that your new business life is a constantly growing experience for you to enable you to grow as a person as your business grows.

Think about your expertise and interests.  Think about your passions and challenges in life. Think about the direction a career change will take you and the effect it will have on your wildest dreams.  Really!  This is your time for reinvention!  Don’t let it slip away.

  1. Take a notepad and pen
  2. At the top of the page list how much monthly income you need for independence and to quit your day job.
  3. Title the area below this “List of Things I Know, Like, Enjoy, Find Interesting and What Advice I Am Asked to Give to Friends.” Brainstorm at least 25 things! No less.
  4. Sign up for my 8 Week Condensed Masterminds Workshop – It’s online with West Fort Worth meetups for locals.

This brainstorming exercise will help you make some very important decisions!

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