Get Rid of Stress and Overwhelm in Life

Get Rid of Stress and Overwhelm in Life

Overwhelm Stress Chaos                  

Get Rid of Stress and Overwhelm in Life
No Time, Cash Strapped, Job Burnout
It’s just life!  Well, not really…

Happiness and Freedom in life are devastated by stress and constant overwhelm

  1. Mindset – reacting to overwhelm starts in our heads and can be blown totally out of reality whether
    consciously or not.
  2. Time – Constant time constraints, forced or chosen, put huge stresses on life and relationships every minute of every day.
  3. Money – Sometimes the problems that appear in Mindset and Time are caused by being cash strapped whether temporary or a big chronic problem. Stress grows causing a budget cut or the need to find some way to create more income. Neither is easily fixed.  If the shortfall is chronic there is likely nothing to cut from a budget.  In my opinion, budgets just don’t work. The only real and permanent fix is to increase income.  Finding an easy way to create more net income is not always easy!

Mindset Time Money

It is impossible to balance life when demands of
Mindset and Time eat up your Money

So, lacking a workable solution, we try to balance this shortfall by skimping in other areas of life.  That’s when Mindset and Time get thrown under the bus and everything just gets worse! Now all three major areas of life are creating painful out of control chaos.

If Mindset, Time or Money is out of control it affects all three areas of this life triangle.  So, the solution is to know the order of importance and working order of these three areas and create a plan to balance them and start kicking stress out the door!

All this trauma, chaos, overwhelm, constant rushing to keep all the life balls in the air, working harder but not getting anywhere fast keeps getting worse.  It’s just too much for anyone to endure for long.

just say no to save tiem to build business


Fixing this out of whack situation begins with a small decision…. JUST SAY NO!

JUST SAY NO is so simple and yet we feel compelled to do whatever others want with no regard for the problems and consequences it causes in our lives, both immediate and down the road.  Remember, you are the only person in control of your calendar!   It’s up to you to schedule time to recharge your energy, work your life goal plan, set aside buffer time for emergencies and prioritize who and what make it onto your calendar.  You have the final say in what gets posted.  Your calendar is constantly testing your “Just Say No” skill.

No one is owed an explanation when told “NO” other than a simple “It doesn’t work for me.”

No apology is needed!
Guard your time like gold dust!

 save 8 hours masterminds workshop

Call it Mindset or call it Relationships,
it applies to everything we balance in life…
Life is all about acceptable BALANCE –
Balance at work, at home and everywhere!

How does your BALANCE feel?

There comes a time in life that everyone is faced with some aspect of
re-invention of what they do, why they do it and
the image that they are known by or how others describe them.

If you could free up 8 hours a week, what would that do for your life balance?
Would you still be perceived as stressed out and chasing your tail?

I want to teach you how to use the skills you already have (but may not recognize yet!) to not only simplify your life but to create a chunk of free time each week to watch movie reruns, enjoy a hobby or create a side income to ensure you are prepared for anything that comes your way by chance or by choice.

If you could free up 8 hours a week, what would you do?

life change in an instant

In a flash, life can go POOF!  Never again to be the same.

My goal is to get you thinking about where you are in life and
what you might want to change or redesign by choice now,
not have to deal with in a flash by chance when something in life goes POOF!

For me, writing has always been my big passion.  I write for any number of reasons – expression, journaling, documenting (the good and the ugly in my life,) stress relief, community service, copywriting, communicating, my business.  And, my business is helping people.

Now I find myself a bit older, a whole lot wiser and experienced in areas I never expected to have in my life.  I knew I had to re-invent myself and my business model to support the changes I wanted in my life.  I want to share what I have learned and experienced with you in case you are finding yourself in a similar place in life.   It just may be time for a gutsy change in your life to make sure you aren’t caught unprepared to survive should a life changing hit in an instant – either by choice or by chance!

I was taking my sweet time to re-invent myself and my business when my life suddenly went POOF in an instant never to be the same again. I should have known better and I have paid the price of distractions. (More on that in my older blogs.)

I want to save you from what I faced over many, many months.
It took me that long to wrap my head around what had happened and the effect it had on my life.
And I had to make room in my suddenly cluttered life to finish my personal re-invention.

I had made major decisions to take my business coaching and teaching business of the last 20+ years to an online presence so I could help people with their business decisions regardless of where they lived.  Suddenly I was faced with compressing my timeframe drastically to get it all together fast.

So, just what do I do for you and others?

Mindset Time Money

The triangle above shows 3 major areas that are
the cornerstone of my Masterminds Workshop.

You are wondering, what makes me such an expert that I created
Mindset, Time and Money Mastermind Workshop, right?

  1. I am a brainstorming business fanatic.
  2. I blog, teach and coach about business – that’s what I have done for over 20 years.
  3. I help people like you get the right Mindset to turn a passion or hobby into a business.
  4. I help people find the extra time to do it.
  5. My experience, workshops and coaching help people choose and build unique portable businesses that produce dependable income.

 mindset time money masterminds workshop

Masterminds Workshop is for you
whether you want to get your life under control to design a business for side income, full time career or
you just want to get rid of your nagging stress!

If you join the condensed version of my Masterminds Workshop I’ll help you find 8 hours each week.
Really!  If you are serious and really want to get the stress out of your life it’s time to make a small commitment and jump on board!

send me the details

If you could free up 8 hours a week to do whatever you want, would you?

If you are willing to work the condensed version of my Masterminds Workshop a few hours a week – I’ll help you find 8 hours a week. Really!  If you are serious and want to get the stress out of your life it’s time to make a small commitment!

You have two choices to find your extra 8 hours

  1. You can download my FREE timesaving packet and work on your own just popping into my Facebook group if you have questions or need a bit of help.
  2. You can sign on to my 8 Week Condensed Masterminds Workshop for about the price of a lunch and a few fancy coffees. The new Condensed Masterminds Workshop is a beta version of my full version workshop that I offer only once a year.  If you are local to West Fort Worth you are invited to my Dutch treat Coffee Hours.  I value everyone’s feedback!
  3. One exciting concept of an online workshop is creating an online community of like-minded folks who are working to reinvent or better their lives. I love that each member of the workshop community can participate in projects and groups on their own schedule and when it is convenient.

          You get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when you join.
You keep the materials and still have access to the Facebook group.
Get the details

send me the details

 8 Week Condensed Mindset, Time and Money Masterminds Workshop

My full workshop is only available once a year.
NOW for the first time

I am making available a condensed 8 week workshop.
Registration is now open!

Some very special bonuses are available if you do early bird registration.
Get the details to see all you get!            

You get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when you join.
You keep the materials and still have access to the Facebook group.
Get the details

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

What makes my training different?
It works!

And, I keep it current and up to date with what really works in today’s world!
It’s what I have helped people do for more years than I want to admit!
Just count the wrinkles my face.

life change in an instant

The Mindset section of my Masterminds Workshop helps
you evaluate and priotritize your focus.

The Time and Money sections help fine tune your life habilts, routines and priorities
and free up a chunk of time to spend as you choose.


If you could free up 8 hours a week
you could create a side business for an income safety net.
Would you want it?
Whatever you decide, I’ll help you.
Interested? No pressure!

Get the details!

So, if you are ready for a change, get the details.  It isn’t going to cost you your job if you do it in the spare time we find for you.
Want faster results? Take some vacation time. As much as you have accumulated. Get ready for an exciting adventure.


You can build a sustainable, comfortable income in a short period of time, 12 to 18 months.
Then, when you’re ready to take the plunge and make your life go a different direction, you are ready.

You are in control!

Some of the people I work with:

  1. Stay-at-home moms or dads
  2. About to retire
  3. In transition either by choice or surprise
  4. College graduates who realize they are not prepared for the job market or the jobs are just not there for their degree
  5. Not happy with what they’re doing but must do it to pay the bills
  6. Suddenly single by design or surprise?
  7. Job downsized or evaporated leaving you in the dust?
  8. Retirement income just doesn’t cut it? Even if you have a retirement plan?
  9. Life and income needs to be mobile, just in case! Work at home, on the beach, anywhere.
  10. Newcomers who have just moved
  11. Military spouses and others needing a portable business

All the above are reasons you can’t live without a side business income safety net!

send me the details

We’ll cover everything from business idea conception through making a great income!
And the specific tasks for each step along the way.

Test the waters and see if it is for you!
You’ll be glad you did!

See you in the Workshop and Facebook group!

xx maureen