Fort Worth Artist Blossoms in Retirement

cendriah_maloney_artistMeet Cendriah Maloney…

Cendriah is a local artist whose unique signature style of painting and choice of subjects is captivating buyers in Texas and the Santa Fe gallery where she shows.


Artist Statement-Cendriah Maloney

As I travel and observe interior spaces, I learn so much about what people treasure, what they enjoy, and how they work.  Intimate details of day-to-day life come to light, without a single word being spoken.

I use photographs from my travels as inspiration for my paintings.  I not only want those viewing my paintings to observe how others experience life, but I want them to bring their own experiences into the story of the scene.

cendriah_maloney_artistAs the granddaughter of an Austrian immigrant sculptor, I was, and continue to be, encouraged by my family to pursue my passion for art.  I received a traditional art education at university where art history introduced me to many artists and styles–my favorite of which is John Singer Sargent.  Johannes Vermeer and his domestic scenes have special meaning to me as I focus on interiors revealing daily life.  Our communities are an important part of how we experience life, and I have found that donating my skills by creating mural-sized illustrations for church sermons and donating paintings to local non-profits are ways I am able to contribute to my community.

Cendriah Maloney 

Learn more about Cendriah and see her other work at these sites:

Note from Maureen:  Here is my favorite of Cendriah’s paintings shown in stages of painting..  


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