Need an easy step-by-step way to set up your blog for retirement income?

blog is businessWant to write about the wild and
insane things you observed at work?

Want to write about…

♦ A travel log or wish list
♦ A funny story or a love letter
♦ How-To that makes a job or chore or process easier
♦ Share your expertise, hobby, weird work experiences, bread baking, gardening
♦ A solution to a nagging problem you have finally fixed
♦ Whatever valuable how-to your “Brain Inventory” holds!

HINT – Recognize that you have great and valuable “Brain Inventoryretirement income 3

Brain Inventory” is valuable, especially if you know how to solve someone else’s problem.

Maybe it’s about cooking, using a specific workshop tool, housebreaking a stubborn pup, simplifying how you adjusted to being retired or living on a fixed income, and the rest of the 624,198,351 unique pieces of combined “Brain Inventory” we all possess hidden and stored in the filing cabinets of our minds.

As for me, I love to write. Writing has always been a big part of my life- not the high school English class type of writing but expressing my own unique voice and viewpoint.  I have been writing all my life for a lot of reasons – to journal, to brainstorm and collect ideas, to relieve stress, to blog, to share my “Brain Inventory,” for my business, to teach and just for fun.

I hope that the 5 Day Writing Challenge helps you enjoy writing and realize you have a lot to share with the world that can help someone fix a nagging problem.

Here’s what you do and get with the FREE 5 DAY WRITING CHALLENGE.
Get the details of the Writing Challenge, Chatter’s updates and news of events…

  1. Register for the Challenge and you will receive the CHALLENGE GUIDE download link
  2. I’ll use your email address to add you to the Writing Challenge group to access it in Facebook
  3. Fill out the TOPIC SELECTION handout to get started
  4. Read the BASIC OUTLINE of HOW-TO STEPS for writing a 400-word article or short-form.
  5. Complete the OWRITING TEMPLATE form and get started!
  6. The CHALLENGE will take place inside the Facebook group.

You will have a Live video from me in the Facebook group each day of the CHALLENGE.  If you can’t be there for the live event you can access the video at your convenience.

If you miss a day of writing, DON’T double up.  Just take the next day when you can and go from there.
The important thing is that writing does not become stressful.  This is meant to be FUN and give you a taste of how rewarding writing can be.

When you have questions, just post them in the Facebook group and I will answer them there so all can benefit. After the 5 days of the CHALLENGE the Facebook group will remain active so that you have my support after the CHALLENGE and you don’t miss a thing if you get off schedule.

Ongoing support includes periodic Coffee Hour live videos, tips and upcoming events I share both in videos, emails and Facebook posts.


♦ Share this challenge with your friends and neighbors.
♦ You may want to share what you have written. Any or all of your writings can be published anonymously, with your initials or giving full credit by using your name or you can choose to not published at all.  If your permission and request is to publish, your writing will be published on as a Guest Post.”


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