Do you know the 5 Worst Habits ?

Our Habits Define Us 

Do you know the 5 Worst Habits ?

Every HABIT affects quality of life and
the pass/fail test for life and business

Learn about specific HABITS that aren’t recognized as ”BAD”
but have bad effects on everything you do.

How Simple Habits Define Success or Not” is a section of my Masterminds Workshop on how you can save 8 hours a week. I know it will help you make decisions that affect all areas of your life.  After I help you recognize these deep rooted habits I’ll show you how to implement game changing revisions.  These changes will get rid of stress, find more free time for your life and simplify life and business. All this means you will increase your income, enjoy your business or enable you to start a new business and grow it to the point you can to ditch your day job!  That is, unless you love the commute and your job… It’s your choice.

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Why am I sharing this?  Years ago I made some decisions in my life to really look at the habits that had become part of me and my life.  I wasn’t satisfied or happy with what I saw.  I realized that I had to change some things in my life and exactly what those changes would be.  I shared with those around me and had no doubt they would be supportive of me.  I didn’t expect judgmental criticism, just the support I needed as I did my best to be more successful in business and in my life. Stay tuned to find out exactly where my support came from and the surprising people who threw me under the bus.

Each of us a finite amount of time for life. I believe we should have some happiness and success in our short time on this earth.  Life can be cut short and it can happen in an instant. It’s a fact regardless of age, health, situation in life.

cogs-for-e-book-copyWhat I didn’t realize was that the habits in life work like cogs in a machine – all in sync.  If one of those habit “cogs” was not right it would warp all the others.  Any efforts I made in specific areas of my life just didn’t fix the whole problem.

I worked on my self-image.  I worked on my business.  I had developed what I thought would be lasting relationships with my connections in business, volunteer opportunities, the church I was attending, neighbors and others I grew to know and like over the years.

It was a real eye opener when those I considered close to me or family dropped me like a hot rock as I worked on the whole of me, getting ALL the areas of my life in sync and grew in personal and spiritual growth.  I didn’t expect rejection and isolation from those I thought were my inner circle of support to cut off our relationships.

These were good people by anyone’s standards.  But, they proved over time to be shallow and caring only about themselves, especially at times when I really needed them.  Could it be they were jealous of the changes I was making and the self-confidence I was gaining?

I realized that many people are all about themselves.  Listen to the words they speak. Do they call you just to say hi and find out if you are still alive?  Do they stop talking about themselves long enough to sincerely ask about you? Do they care?

I am going to help you recognize several kinds of people who are in your life now.  People who run on auto pilot in your life right now. When you join my 8 Week Condensed Masterminds Workshop you will learn to recognize and work with toxic and shaky relationships in love, lifestyle and businessThis is tricky!

Do you know the 5 Worst Life and Business Habits ???

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