60 to 70 & Want a Business in Fort Worth

 Does a 60 to 70 Year Old Need a Side Business?
Is Your Retirement Income All You Need ?

If you had more time would you earn more money?

Do You Have the Mindset to Design and Create a
Business for Side Income or More?

Live Coffee Hour Workshop

Helping you create and grow your own business is my business.

It’s all about time and how your habits determine use of your time.
Habits determine your success in business, relationships or just plain life.

Mature age is a golden asset. If you are 60 to 70 years old and live in the Fort Worth area and you want something different in life, you’re going to have to look at your habits and identify what is keeping you from getting what you want and evaluate what you can do NOW to get what you want.

Freeing up time to do what is important means you must isolate the actions in your life that are sucking the time out of your days.  And, you must do this ruthlessly and without bias.

You can turn your passion or hobby into a full time time income or career, regardless of your age, location or resources and it’s totally portable!

Before you fill out the list at Coffee Hour of what to get into your life and what to eliminate, ponder these questions and jot down the answers.

Sometimes retirement and being older just don’t cut it!

Have you inspected your own habits?
Can you see the effect of your habits on your life?
Do you see a pattern of repetition?
Is this pattern of repetition enriching your life and giving you time to do what you love?
What area of your life are your habits affecting?
Is your income tied to your habits?
Is your mindset affecting your habits or are your habits affecting your mindset?
Who controls your life?
What defines you?
Does your partner, spouse, children, pets, work, job, profession define you or who you are?
Are you a strong person who has an image of success?

It’s time to take inventory and be very ruthless about:
What is affecting how you proceed and how you progress in life?
Do you have a system in place to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Take inventory of anything negative that you’re exposed to:
Negative thinkers or toxic people who are in your life space
Your friends or who you perceive to be your friends – are they tested true friends
Toxic situations that are affecting your attitude and productivity at home or work

Life is all about habits.   Habits rule your life.
Habits and time are in some ways synonymous.

Habits make or waste our time.  We can’t make more time but we sure don’t want to lose more time.If you want more time you must have a mindset shift.

Your mindset shift enables you to realize that ONLY you are in charge of your time. You are the source where your time comes from. You can make as much time as you want.  It just takes a smart and realistic mindset shift.

Most important, the art of saying NO means you don’t say yes when asked to make a new commitment.  Never commit on the spur of the moment unless it is something you have been chasing and you finally caught!

It’s all about your calendar and the commitments you are willing and able to make.

You control your time and your calendar.
You are powerful! You choose what to calendar and what you WANT to do.

Your mouth over rules your judgment and the reality of what you actually should do. All of a sudden you are stressed to the MAX and chaos become the norm and ruler!  NEVER let others control you.  You must distinguish between urgent and critical, my priority or someone else’s priority, necessary or just plain fluff.

Visualize a glass jar…  put in the big rocks and then fill out the empty space with pebbles. If the process is reversed, the big rocks won’t all fit!  If you load your schedule with little things that are fluff or not your priorities, you will never have room in your life for the BIG things that can change your life by giving you the time you need to reach your dreams.

In our Coffee Hour I am going to show you how to save 8 hours every Send-me-the-coffee-hour-infoOPTIN-crpdweek.
Time is so precious!

1.  You likely sleep 6 or more hours each day.

2.   If you still have a day job, you probably work 8 hours each day.

3.  Your commute, errands, shopping and shuffling family to their events may take up to 3 hours each day

4.  And there is the domestic side of life: family, meals, laundry, housekeeping, basic chores, personal care and more using up to 3 hours each day

5.  Pad in another 2 hours for the unexpected, one on one time with family or friends, meetings, or just plain chilling out

This alone comes to a whopping 22 out of 24 hours.  Those remaining 2 hours are likely eaten up with the fluff of life!

You must really want the invigorating breeze of change in your life!

Whether you want to save 8 hours each week to plan and start a side business to grow and replace your day job or you just want that time to do something special that doesn’t fit into your life right now, decide what is important to you right now and what you are willing to do to get it.

To reclaim these lost hours you must have a change of mindset. That’s what I am going to help you with.  That’s what I’ve done for 20+ years!

Change may seem like more chaos until you get everything smoothed out.  And you will find that people come out of the woodwork to sabotage your new way of controlling your time.

Your first step is to figure out where the time gaps or misuse are… a few minutes or 30 minutes here and 60 minutes there. How are you not maximizing your time? Time is one of the most important resources in our lives.  It is critical to be selective in how we spend it and place a value on each time block.

You are the image of the 5 people you hang with the most.

If they are time wasters, not focused on the things that matter, only talk without action, then you are likely to follow that same pattern.  You must hang with positive and like minded people.

You must create your own special barrier rope and stick to it.  Only those people who prove their friendship with support and positive attitudes, behaviors and values are allowed into your inner circle.  Your inner circle is just a few people who are trusted to give advice, critique and support when you need it.  And you do the same for each of those you allow into your inner circle.

Look at your friends, not just business or work associates.

Sometimes you must make really hard decisions.  I know because I had to do that.  I was very active in a local Chamber of Commerce.  I found that the networking activities and the volunteer time I invested was only spinning wheels.  I was so busy!  But that busy was not growing my business.  It was costing me time and money that would never produce or be reclaimed.  What a wild awakening when I finally realized the truth of all this!

I bit the bullet!  I became a loner of sorts while I evaluated what was working and got rid of what was not working. I created balance in both my personal life and my business life.  I was in a lopsided balance.  I had to make changers to grow my business.  My re-evaluation process led to so many great changes.  I reinvented my business model, changed my platform and lifted the lid on earnings.  It has been mind blowing and I have loved every minute of it.  You can read more about my experiences on my website, www.westFWchatter.com.

If your dream goal isn’t BIG enough, then make it BIG!
If it isn’t big it isn’t worth the work.

Think about the difference between busy and productive.  Both take the same amount of time but one produces great results and the other costs you your dream.

If you are serious about creating a side business to grow into a full-time income so you can ditch your day job, remember it CAN be accomplished with 8 hours each week.  If you want the extra time each week to work on a hobby or simplify your life, that’s okay too.

If those who are part of your life (partner, spouse, family, close friends) don’t buy in and support you when you decide to change your mindset, you must let them know you are serious about the direction you are taking your life and it may affect the time you have for activities that don’t fit but reaching your goal will be great for everyone.

Time control is different if you have a day job.

You have less flexibility of time available to others on a whim.  Yes, major emergencies take priority for a brief period but when you are back under control you must get your time blocks back on track.  I experienced this when my husband had two emergency heart surgeries and I spent time as a fulltime caretaker for the first stage of his recovery and the three weeks he was in the hospital.  It was tough but just a big bump in the road, not a total derailment.

Our life is frittered away by detail … Simplify, simplify.
– Henry David Thoreau

When you find yourself under pressure and feeling overwhelmed,
pause for a moment and ask yourself a very simple question:

“Will this matter a day, a week, a month, or a year from now?”

  1.  List all the activities and commitments in your life.
  2. Do a massive Big Brain Dump.  List everything you have accumulated on lists, notes, calendars, to do lists onto one massive list.  Weed it out based on the A,B,C and D ratings below.
  3. Evaluate your Big Brain Dump list items as urgent, critical, fluffy and tasks that won’t matter if they don’t get accomplished.  Rate each item A, B, C, D.

A = Absolutely critical to my dream goal or my day to day life.
A items MUST be scheduled first.  Schedule A items at the start of each month and DO NOT DEVIATE from accomplishing them in their assigned time slot.  If a calendar change must happen, the A item must be rescheduled not skipped.

B = Important and scheduled after A items. 
This includes personal and business appointments, anything time sensitive, project tasks, personal and volunteer activities, group meetings, etc.

C = Tasks that need to be done at some point but are not critical or time sensitive. Weed out the C items.  If they aren’t necessary, cross them off.

D = Cross these tasks off! 
It doesn’t matter if D items ever get done.  Elimination will have no impact on anything.

Letting go of any C or D is so stress releasing!  These are the lists that are usually many pages long and nothing but stress inducing each time the list pops up for re-reading or scheduling.

Each month, repeat this process and let go of any activity or commitment that is no longer serving you or necessary.

Now about clutter…

just say no to save tiem to build businessFree up space. Read a book on Feng Shui.  It works… Whether you purge everything in a single weekend swoop, purge one room at a time or use 20 minutes at a time purging works and you will love the freedom it gives you. The clutter in your home, life, and personal world will suck all the energy out of you.

Just say NO – never commit to anything until you think about the implications.

Your standard reply when asked to commit to anything should always be “I’ll get back with you on this.  I never make instant decisions.”  Other people’s priorities are not necessarily yours and they must respect this.

I have had to cut back on some community service I have been involved in for the last 10 years.  Interestingly, there were no “Thank you so much, we will miss you” comments. Life really is an out of sight, out of mind adventure!  You must be selective in what you consider taking on.

Everyone needs re-energizing time.  Take care of yourself.  Your health and image depend on it!

Take breaks from your electronic world.  Batch process email, Facebook, all your social media, phone calls.  Use voice mail.  Mark important contacts in your cell phone as able to reach you when your phone is in unavailable mode.

Vacation time is important.  If you are serious about starting a business to get out of the rat race and ditch your day job, consider taking vacation time to design your business and get it off the ground.

Waiting is a trap!Mindset Time Money
Sit down now and follow these simple steps. Find the time you need for
your special project or to create a business that will
provide extra income or let you ditch that day job.

What I will have for you at the Coffee Hour:

  1. All the worksheets to evaluate where you are and where you could be
  2. 3 brainstorming segments worksheet
  3. “Change your life once and for all” worksheet
  4. Decide “If” and “Why” you want change and what you are willing to do to get that change
  5. If you are committed, we’ll go over your Mindset, Time options andMoney options and how to get started
  6. To ask questions before Coffee Hour and to get the schedule, send me an email or pop onto the list to be notified of the date, time and location.


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