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Hi I am Maureen


I have enjoyed every minute of bringing my Fort Worth web community,, to you and other readers, both local and afar. It has drawn so many different people from all over the US although the primary focus has been local.

But, times change, lifestyles change and so do each of our interests and priorities along with the…


Three reasons why Thanksgiving is wrong!

Most people have Thanksgiving all wrong!
And this applies to Valentines Day too!

What about your Thanksgiving?
Do you even care it fits into your life?

See if these 3 wrongs of Thanksgiving fit your holiday!

1. The focus is over eating, too much fat and way too much work.  For what? You have to find a place for all those leftovers in the fridge.
2. The media and greedy merchants in big box stores have stolen the nostalgia of that special day and created an annual holiday “spend money frenzy.”
3. So many people never give…