You Deserve an AWESOME Retirement

write about your hobby

write about your hobbyYou’re ready for an AWESOME retirement!
Maybe you have already popped onto the
retired side of life! But…..

Is it exactly as you expected?

Have the BIG potholes popped out yet?
Remember, retirement is what you make it!

The third 30 years of your life should be a breeze.  Maybe you’ve saved and have a retirement income from your job. Maybe you have reached the magic age of 65 but still want more to life. 

Retiring seems like a simple choice
IF you are prepared! Subscribe for…


First in-flight video from plane’s tail


Visit this post page to watch the first in flight video

Did you see this beauty moving down the freeway?

Not the usual Fort Worth “Panther.”

It is a huge accomplishment to build an aerobatic plane over two years, but WOW!  It’s even more exciting to actually fly it for the first time!  There’s a lifelong story behind my son’s adventures and his super HUGE milestone!

I am very proud of both of my children but today I am focused on my son and his Panther.

He (Sean…


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