Retired or about to retire?
Is Your Retirement Income All You Need ?


Helping you decide if a retirement business you can work from home is for you.

Mature age is a golden asset. Are you 50 or 60 or 70 years old, do you want something different in life, do you need more income for retirement?  Evaluate what you can do NOW to get what you want.

We’ll create a SOLID foundation to turn your hobby or passion into an income producing…


Are you 45 to 50-ish or pushing 75?


 Are you 45 to 50-ish or pushing 75?
Wishing you had gone for your life-long entrepreneurial pipe dream?

Not ready to be turned out to pasture yet or worse?

Listen to the YouTube video Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee for short) did
about “6 minutes for the next 60 years of your life.”
If it leaves you with fire in your belly
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Make things HAPPEN in your personal life OR think about becoming an entrepreneur.


Fort Worth Restaurants Are Closing

Why Fort Worth Restaurants Are Short Lived and Fail

Don’t let the revolving door of
NEW Fort Worth restaurants
slap you in the butt

Of course, what you’re reading are just my opinions, but you must remember I was raised in the family restaurant business by an owner/chef father who was very successful in what he did.  I learned a lot from him. The most important thing I learned from him was that you must know what the locals want (after all the locals are your bread-and-butter,) what the locals really want to…


Do you journal, write or blog?

writing blogging how to that works

writing blogging how to that works

Do you journal, write or blog?

“How To” That Works

From Maureen Beaucond’s
FREE 5 Day Writer & Blogger Workshop



Here is an excerpt from Maureen Beaucond’s 5 Day How To Write and Blog Workshop.

  1. WRITERS write and BLOGGERS write. BOTH ARE WRITERS. Both outline their plan, do research, have their notes handy and block out the world. Bloggers are writers with specific focus on key words and tags, images and SEO (optimization) PRIOR to writing.
  2. Writers DON’T edit as they go, consider image placement or wonder…


60 to 70 & Want a Business in Fort Worth

 Does a 60 to 70 Year Old Need a Side Business?
Is Your Retirement Income All You Need ?

If you had more time would you earn more money?

Do You Have the Mindset to Design and Create a
Business for Side Income or More?

Live Coffee Hour Workshop

Helping you create and grow your own business is my business.

It’s all about time and how your habits determine use of your time.
Habits determine your success in business, relationships or just plain life.

Mature age is a golden…