My One-of-a-Kind Business Bullet Journal System


ultimate_business_bullet_journalMy Ultimate Bullet Journal for Business
Is The Magic Core of Any Blog or Business

It’s the Ultimate System to Inventory What You Know
You’ll Never Run Out of Blog Topics
Your Blog, Your Business and Your Life
Will Complement Each Other Seamlessly

NEWS FLASH – Soon to be available as a printable download!
ULTIMATE BULLET JOURNAL – My Life, My Mission and Me  

Many years ago I was invited to be a member of a business think tank at a local hospital to give feedback on the executive health program they were…


3 Benefits You Get For Writing


BLOG FOR BUSINESS 11. Writing stimulates your mind.

2. Writing reduces stress.

3. Writing gives you satisfaction of knowing you solved a stranger’s big nagging problem.

Just how does this happen?

When you write you share your knowledge and “go-to” brain inventory. It helps other people, even strangers you have never crossed paths with. You get a euphoric sense of satisfaction knowing you have really helped someone who needed what you know.

This could be sharing your basic knowledge from your career, your hobby, your special interest or an experience of yours whether…


How much guaranteed income will you need for retirement?

Your Plan to Retire

Your Plan to RetireHow much guaranteed annual income will you have in retirement?

Guaranteed means income that cannot be affected by

♦ stock market changes
♦ your company’s retirement plan income
♦ possibility of the plan’s mis-management

Is your retirement savings 25 times larger
than your expected annual withdrawal?



For most budgets this amount exceeds a million dollars and depending on your lifestyle, travel, hobbies, supporting other family members and emergencies this amount could be several million dollars.

If you have this in retirement savings and have allowed for…


4 Ways to Recognize BIG Retirement Scams

retirement scam watch

retirement scam watchHow to Keep Scams Out of Your Life
and Your Home

It is a known fact that scam artists target older and retired folks who are so easy to fool.  What makes this especially bad is that the people scammed usually are those who just can’t afford to throw their money away.

Being fooled is not the obvious sign here.  The scam artists come across as just like you and me.  They are personable and usually have a great family story to tell to disarm you.

Many retired victims rely on…


Need an easy step-by-step way to set up your blog for retirement income?

key to income in retirement

blog is businessWant to write about the wild and
insane things you observed at work?

Want to write about…

♦ A travel log or wish list
♦ A funny story or a love letter
♦ How-To that makes a job or chore or process easier
♦ Share your expertise, hobby, weird work experiences, bread baking, gardening
♦ A solution to a nagging problem you have finally fixed
♦ Whatever valuable how-to your “Brain Inventory” holds!

HINT – Recognize that you have great and valuable “Brain Inventoryretirement income 3


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