Recognize anyone? 

toxic people

toxic peopleRecognize anyone?

These are the social butterflies who float in and out of our lives.

Here’s my disclaimer for what I am about to say….

If by chance you recognize yourself because your life and my life have crossed paths somewhere.  Don’t be upset and just know that this is only my view of our encounters.

If you don’t recognize yourself in this personal observation, you know you are a proven friend or caring acquaintance I treasure.  2018 can be a new beginning for each of us personally to deepen…


Beware of Ads for Online Business Stores

online businesses are not equal

Real Business or Just Another JOB??? 

Do you really own your content and your designs?
Do you have control of your email list?

Trending Online Business Opportunity Ads Are Just Another Thorn to Pluck

Selling other people’s products and inventory is a very cloudy area of business, at best.

start your business nowProtect your blog, your website, your domain name, your content and your graphics!

Don’t be a victim of FREE hosting that seems like a really cool deal. Being a digital “sharecropper” means you are at the mercy and…


4 Ways to Recognize BIG Retirement Scams

retirement scam watch

retirement scam watchHow to Keep Scams Out of Your Life and Your Home

It is a known fact that scam artists target older and retired folks who are so easy to fool.  What makes this especially bad is that the people scammed usually are those who just can’t afford to throw their money away.

Being fooled is not the obvious sign here.  The scam artists come across as just like you and me.  They are personable and usually have a great family story to tell to disarm you.

Many retired victims rely…


You Deserve an AWESOME Retirement

write about your hobby

write about your hobbyYou’re ready for an AWESOME retirement!
Maybe you have already popped onto the
retired side of life! But…..

Is it exactly as you expected?

Have the BIG potholes popped out yet?
Remember, retirement is what you make it!

The third 30 years of your life should be a breeze.  Maybe you’ve saved and have a retirement income from your job. Maybe you have reached the magic age of 65 but still want more to life. 

Retiring seems like a simple choice
IF you are prepared!

When my…


Retirement is what you make it!

key to income in retirement

key to income in retirement

Make Your Retirement Awesome!

You’re Ready!  Now What?

Grab my FREE checklist “Make Your Retirement Awesome” for
Baby Boomers about to retire or wanting to tweak retirement

I know what you are thinking.
Retirement is just the flip of a switch.

Ideally retirement plans and your adjustment to mindset (not just the financial planning!)
should begin a few years out, well before you begin that next stage of life.

Retirement really can be awesome or it can be full of…