60 to 70 & Want a Business in Fort Worth

 Does a 60 to 70 Year Old Need a Side Business?
Is Your Retirement Income All You Need ?

If you had more time would you earn more money?

Do You Have the Mindset to Design and Create a
Business for Side Income or More?

Live Coffee Hour Workshop

Helping you create and grow your own business is my business.

It’s all about time and how your habits determine use of your time.
Habits determine your success in business, relationships or just plain life.

Mature age is a golden…


Fort Worth Restaurants Are Closing

Why Fort Worth Restaurants Are Short Lived and Fail

Don’t let the revolving door of
NEW Fort Worth restaurants
slap you in the butt

Of course, what you’re reading are just my opinions, but you must remember I was raised in the family restaurant business by an owner/chef father who was very successful in what he did.  I learned a lot from him. The most important thing I learned from him was that you must know what the locals want (after all the locals are your bread-and-butter,) what the locals really want to…


Get Rid of Stress and Overwhelm in Life

Overwhelm Stress Chaos

Get Rid of Stress and Overwhelm in Life

Overwhelm Stress Chaos                  

Get Rid of Stress and Overwhelm in Life
No Time, Cash Strapped, Job Burnout
It’s just life!  Well, not really…

Happiness and Freedom in life are devastated by stress and constant overwhelm

  1. Mindset – reacting to overwhelm starts in our heads and can be blown totally out of reality whether
    consciously or not.
  2. Time – Constant time constraints, forced or chosen, put huge stresses on life and relationships every minute of every day.
  3. Money



writing blogging how to that works

writing blogging how to that works


Writer and Blogger

“How To” That Works

From Maureen Beaucond’s
FREE 5 Day Writer & Blogger Workshop



Here is an excerpt from Maureen Beaucond’s 5 Day How To Write and Blog Workshop.

  1. WRITERS write and BLOGGERS write. BOTH ARE WRITERS. Both outline their plan, do research, have their notes handy and block out the world. Bloggers are writers with specific focus on key words and tags, images and SEO (optimization) PRIOR to writing.
  2. Writers DON’T edit as they go, consider image placement or wonder off topic.
  3. Writers edit,…


Work a business from home?

all about time

Freedom of Time

Thinking about a business you can
work from home?
Maybe Even Ditch Your Day Job?

Explore Your Options
8 Week Condensed Masterminds Workshop

Think any business will work in a good economy?  WRONG…  There are many pieces that must fit together to ensure success.

If you feel like life is missing something, think about making changes to have the life you want.  It’s a tough decision, but maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and never look back. What to you think?

What if you had more free time to do what you want because your time is not…