Do Common Denominators Really Matter?

retired and fun

maureen_beaucond_lightI can’t really remember a time when
I felt like I really fit in.

I had a very grown up childhood.

I was doing adult work and learning at a very young age.  This was good and maybe not so good. I grew up in the family restaurant business.  I grew up knowing what to do, knowing what each of the adults knew to do.  By mid-teens I was doing things an experienced adult restaurant manager maybe knew how to do.

So, by the time I emerged from my teens I…


DRAFT – 3 BIG Reasons to NOT Work with Traditional Business Experts

Warning… I will likely offend some business coaches and big established organizations who advise and help individuals start a small business by stating my 3 BIG Reasons to NOT Work with Traditional Business Experts.

Did you read the article “Running on Empty?” in “Jobs, Autos & Classifieds” section of the Sunday, September 3, 2017 Fort Worth Star-Telegram?

If you are over 50 or 60 or more and are even remotely fantasizing about starting a business you need to know the ways traditional, respected business coaches and organizations are telling you things…


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