DRAFT – 3 BIG Reasons to NOT Work with Traditional Business Experts

Warning… I will likely offend some business coaches and big established organizations who advise and help individuals start a small business by stating my 3 BIG Reasons to NOT Work with Traditional Business Experts.

Did you read the article “Running on Empty?” in “Jobs, Autos & Classifieds” section of the Sunday, September 3, 2017 Fort Worth Star-Telegram?

If you are over 50 or 60 or more and are even remotely fantasizing about starting a business you need to know the ways traditional, respected business coaches and organizations are telling you things to do that just DON’T work.  Especially for our age group, the over 50 crowd.

These people mean well and in most cases their experience is from a perspective of corporate America or working for a government contractor or somewhere in between.

  1. They don’t have the broad expertise to know exactly why you should NEVER borrow big chunks of money to start a business in today’s world.
  2. The business models they work with do not have the flexibility to spin on a dime if trends change. They don’t teach you to know when or how to readjust your business model to ensure your income continues and grows.  Your surely don’t need someone with a broad general business experience telling you to pay yet another person who thinks they know your business to tell you to spend more money to fix a shortfall of cashflow.  Sounds like a losing mobius strip to me!  And it just doesn’t work!
  3. The Star-Telegram insert article referenced above is BAD advice unless your ego needs stroking and you don’t care what personal assets you place at risk to lose. There is no one size fits all to starting a business but there is a proven path that reduces if not eliminates risk.


I know business.  I grew up in business. (See my about page.) I know what works and what doesn’t because I have been there.  I have worked with new entrepreneurs for over 20 years.   I know today’s business world where the trends can change at warp speed. I know how to teach you how to automatically keep these trends forefront in your mind and how to recognize the possible effects and opportunities for your business.

I teach people, especially the over 50 crowd, how to build an evergreen type business that thrives and works in any business environment or economy and generates a solid income.

So, if you are thinking your time to start a business has passed you by, think again!

So, are you over 50 or 60 and ready to do something exciting?  Maybe you have been tossing the idea of starting a business around in your head.  Maybe you have thought about turning your hobby or passion into a business.  Maybe you need a side income to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.  If so, I have something to share with you.

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