3 Benefits You Get For Writing

BLOG FOR BUSINESS 11. Writing stimulates your mind.

2. Writing reduces stress.

3. Writing gives you satisfaction of knowing you solved a stranger’s big nagging problem.

Just how does this happen?

When you write you share your knowledge and “go-to” brain inventory. It helps other people, even strangers you have never crossed paths with. You get a euphoric sense of satisfaction knowing you have really helped someone who needed what you know.

This could be sharing your basic knowledge from your career, your hobby, your special interest or an experience of yours whether good or bad when it happened. People connect with others who have shared a similar situation, how they survived it and what impact it had on their life.

Writing about your past experiences and the outcome you reached can be a big outlet for the stress you might be feeling in another area of your life right now.

Writing, list making of causes and effects, and brainstorming help you put current stress into context and know you can whip it by clearing your mind of self-imposed stress. You do this while creating a workable step-by-step plan. Sharing this as it unfolds can help others too.

Life is a series of projects.

Sometimes we refer to these projects as problems or stresses. Once you identify the stress that is consuming you, take a piece of paper and begin writing. Brainstorm at least 50 possible solution steps (yes 50 small steps!) on paper.

Decide which of these steps could be the keys to fixing your problem. List the tasks that are necessary and put these tasks on your calendar. The process of tackling your own problem and stress is that you have a realistic working plan, you implement it and with a little tweaking it works!

Now what are you going to do?

There are so many people faced with a similar problem or that exact one who could be helped by knowing how you solved the problem in your life (or on the job, housebreaking that new pup, getting Elephant Ear bulbs to winter over, fixing a broken door, or whatever else pops up.

Writing Revelations and Tips

1. You can easily talk or chatter with friends, right?

2. Keep your writing bare-bone simplified to avoid any self-imposed pressure.

3. You already know enough to be a writer.

4. Writing can transform your life in many different and exciting ways! (This is covered in Day 1 of my free 5 Day Writing Challenge.)

5. Writing could lead to a new or second career, even a portable career in retirement that travels with you. You are the boss! Or just write for fun.

6. Writing can be the greatest achievement of your life and you are in total control – Celebrate this!

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