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I am a brainstorming business fanatic. I blog, teach, and coach about business – that’s what I have done for over 20 years. I help people like you shift their mindset and conquer their money blocks to turn their passion into a thriving business on their terms. It’s not about time, it’s about priorities. My experience, courses and coaching help transform lives.  My step-by-step courses are bite sized so you are not overwhelmed as you become an online entrepreneur. 

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My One-of-a-Kind Business Bullet Journal System
Posted By Maureen Beaucond  Posted On 12-May-2018

My Ultimate Business Bullet Journal System Is The Magic Core of Any Business It's the Ultimate Business Bullet Journal Many years ago I was invited to be a member of a business think tank at a local hospital to give feedback on the executive health program they were creating.  They

How much guaranteed income will you need for retirement?
Posted By Maureen Beaucond  Posted On 05-May-2018

How much guaranteed annual income will you have in retirement? Guaranteed means income that cannot be affected by ♦ stock market changes ♦ your company’s retirement plan income ♦ possibility of the plan's mis-management Is your retirement savings 25 times larger than your expected annual withdrawal?     For most

Need an easy step-by-step way to set up your blog for retirement income?
Posted By Maureen Beaucond  Posted On 28-Apr-2018

Want to write about the wild and insane things you observed at work? Want to write about... ♦ A travel log or wish list ♦ A funny story or a love letter ♦ How-To that makes a job or chore or process easier ♦ Share your expertise, hobby, weird work experiences,

Want to write a Love Letter or funny short story?
Posted By Maureen Beaucond  Posted On 19-Apr-2018

Are you ready to have FUN writing 400 words about some idea swirling around in your head? Want to write about... ♦ A love letter ♦ A funny story ♦ A tip to make a job or chore or process easier ♦ Your experience of an achievement or hobby you

3 Benefits You Get For Writing
Posted By Maureen Beaucond  Posted On 12-Apr-2018

1. Writing stimulates your mind. 2. Writing reduces stress. 3. Writing gives you satisfaction of knowing you solved a stranger’s big nagging problem. Just how does this happen? When you write you share your knowledge and “go-to” brain inventory. It helps other people, even strangers you have never crossed paths

Recognize anyone? 
Posted By Maureen Beaucond  Posted On 05-Apr-2018

Recognize anyone? These are the social butterflies who float in and out of our lives. Here’s my disclaimer for what I am about to say…. If by chance you recognize yourself because your life and my life have crossed paths somewhere.  Don’t be upset and just know that this is